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Is your Chatty looking and feeling neglected?  Has she been stored in a closet or attic for years? Or maybe you have purchased a Chatty that needs some help. We can repair her to talk, clean her completely, shampoo and set her hair, give her new teeth, repaint and seal her lips if needed,  and send her home in a brand new outfit by Gloria’s Goodies. Prices are listed below for these services. Michelle, and I would love to restore your little Chatty Cathy.  We have been doing Chatty makeovers for customers and it has been such a favorite that we decided to open up the Chatty Beauty Shop!


Services at Chatty’s Repair Shop

As of July 1, 2014
Repair Voice: Voice repair is $50 if no replacement parts are needed. I have donor dolls that I use, so if I do have to replace a part, it will be an original vintage part.   I can’t guarantee the quality of the voice.  A lot will depend on how much she was played with and how she was stored.  Also the year she was produced can have a lot of affect on her voice.  I do occasionally have a doll that will not talk.  I will contact you with your options if this happens.
Cleaning Chatty and shampoo and set her hair:    $25
Replace teeth:  $3.50
Paint and seal Chatty’s lips:  $7.50
A new outfit by Gloria’s Goodies:  30.00-45.00  Fabric and color may vary according to availability
Shoes and socks: $12.00 for shoes  $3.00 for socks
Pull Ring:  if your Chatty Cathy is missing her pull ring, it s3.00 for a replacement

Recently Restored Chatty Cathy Dolls


Chatty Cathy Talking Repair

I have been repairing Chatty Cathy dolls and reselling for several years. My daughter Michelle is working with me as my partner and  helping me with the Chatty Cathy repairs. Michelle is very meticulous about her work. I would be happy to give you references from my customers. One thing stands out the most when they email me after receiving their dolls, they are extremely happy with the seams.


Please note, we only repair the vintage Chatty Cathy doll family from the early 60’s.  We do NOT repair any of the reproduction dolls.  I do not stock replacement parts for the reproduction dolls. If you have a question as to what doll # you have, please email me.



Details: Please Read!

If at all possible, we will repair your doll with existing parts inside her. If a replacement part is needed, I will contact you and inform you of the price of the part that is needed. We won’t replace any parts without your approval.

The customer is responsible for shipping costs to and from my home. I charge actual shipping costs. .

These prices are for Chatty Cathy, Chatty Baby and Tiny Chatty Baby and brother.
Please send Chatty in a box suitable for her return journey. A box and packing supplies is an additional $5.00 if Chatty is not sent to me in a box big or sturdy enough to travel back home.

We do our very best to repair each and every Chatty Cathy to talk as loud and clearly as possible. Chatty is a vintage doll and is fragile. Occasionally we will receive a doll that will not talk as well as we’d like her to or will not talk at all. This does not happen very often, but the condition of the doll, how she has been stored, heat and cold will affect the working parts of Chatty Cathy.

I accept PayPal and money orders. Dolls will be shipped when money orders have cleared my account.


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