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About Us

Welcome to our website.  We’d like to tell you a little about us.  Everett and I have been married for 40 years.   Our children and grandchildren are the love of our lives.   Four our of children are married, and we have 14 grandchildren. 

I’m a musician, I’ve played organ in church since I was 15 years old.  I’m still playing organ in church and can’t remember how many different churches I’ve actually played in.  I also play piano and accordion.  The Hammond B-3 organ is my favorite instrument.
When my daughter Amber married and moved to Newfoundland, I decided I wanted to collect some of the dolls I had as a child.  Chatty Cathy is the one that I remember the most from my childhood.  I bought one, two, three dolls and they just kept coming!   I loved them all, and they all looked different. From there I decided I wanted them to talk and that’s where the fun began.  Joy and Pete graciously taught me how to repair chatty and I’ve been doing it ever since.
I have a group on Facebook for collectors and if you’d like to join, just drop me an email. It’s a lot of fun talking to the ladies every day and keeps me in touch with other collectors.  We’re more than collectors though, we’ve become best friends and get together every year for our annual “spring fling”. I’ve saved the best till last.  The most important person in our lives is Jesus Christ.  He is the glue that has held us all together.   My 5 children are all serving Him, so I couldn’t be a happier mother.