Once upon a time in a land far away was a wonderful place where Chatty Cathy dolls gathered to be repaired and restored so they could be adopted. There were many dolls, hundreds of them waiting, and each doll was always hoping they were next in line. The girls from Canada knew they would find a home and be adopted, people were always emailing Shelley and Michelle asking for them. And there were other pretty dolls that knew they would without a doubt be adopted. Each day when Shelley and Michelle went down to the doll hospital to start work, they all hoped they were next in line to be restored.

In a far corner was another group of dolls that sat all alone and were never picked to be restored. Some had pale faces, lost some of their facial paint and were faded. They were very sweet dolls, and everyday they hoped they would be next. They grew sadder as the days turned into weeks, then months, and even years. They saw how beautiful and happy the dolls were that were leaving to be adopted into new homes. And this was every Chatty Cathy’s dream, to be able to talk again and be beautiful so they would be loved again like they had been 50 years ago by a little girl.

Then one night something happened, they heard someone call their names one by one! Could it be possible, were they going to be next in line? A “Chatty Angel” had come by and “kissed” their faces and now they were beautiful! They were so happy and excited. They gathered around the mirror and looked at themselves! They were as beautiful as their sisters, maybe ever prettier! Shelley and Michelle were so excited they gave us a name, “Kissed by a Chatty Angel” .

The “Chatty Angel” kissed many of us, so please keep looking for us. We will come with our own little certificate on our wrist that tells we were “Kissed by a Chatty Angel” Because we are so special, Michelle has given us each our own name and it will be on our little certificate.

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