A Rare Canadian Chatty Cathy

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A rare Canadian Chatty Cathy

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Product Description

Chatty Cathy is from Canada and she is a hard to find one.   She is a brunette piggy with decal eyes.  Most have glassine eyes and a few have pinwheel eyes.

She has a soft face, the two bald spots on each side of her piggy part.  Her bangs have the “S” swirl that distinguishes the Canadian dolls.   She has the #5 torso and I have restored her to talk.  Her seams are excellent.  And she talks loud and clear.

Her limbs are a nice pinky color and she can hold a pose.

I have cleaned her inside and out and she will come to you looking and smelling clean.

Her facial paint is original, but I have added a little blush to her cheeks that will wash off with water if you wish.

I have put her hair up into pigtails and curled them, but you can leave it down if you wish, it is very long and thick.

She will come to you wearing a Gloria’s Goodies dress that is blue and makes the blue in her eyes just “Pop”  She is wearing pink panties, white socks, pink shoes and pink bows in her pigtails.

She’s all dressed up and ready to go to her new home.  “Please take me with you”

Chatty Cathy is a previously loved little doll that came straight from Canada.  I will ship to Canada, my shipping indicator doesn’t include Canada, so it will be extra, around $45 to ship to Canada.   I will gladly answer any questions.  Shelley