An American Chatty Cathy, she talks loud and clear

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A beautiful talking American Chatty Cathy.  She has auburn hair and pigtails and talks loud and clear.

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Product Description

Chatty Cathy is an American hard face auburn pigtail with blue decal eyes.  The eyes do need a slight nudge to open and close properly.  But are not stuck open or closed.   She has the #5 torso and I’ve repaired her to talk.   She talks loud and clear saying her 18 phrases.  Her seams are excellent with little to no evidence of being opened.

Her limbs are uniform in color and she can hold a pose.

I have cleaned her inside and out, she will come to you looking and smelling clean.  I have softly curled her pigtails.  Her part is excellent.

I added a little blush to her cheeks but the rest of her facial paint is original.

She will come to you wearing the cutest little outfit by Gloria’s Goodies.  She is wearing lilac and white striped panties, white socks with lace, lilac shoes and a big bow in her hair made by Drinda especially for this dress.  She is just so cute!

Chatty Cathy is not new or mint.  She is a little doll that I have repaired and restored.  I will gladly answer any questions.

I will ship to Canada, but my website is set up for the US.  If you wish to purchase any of my dolls I will gladly ship to my Canadian friends but it will be more.   It’s about $45 to ship to Canada.  Send me an email at and I will send you an invoice.

Thank,  Shelley