Canadian Chatty Cathy, she talks!


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A Beautiful Canadian Brunette Chatty Cathy with the piggy part!

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Product Description

Chatty Cathy is from Canada and is a beautiful example of the dolls manufactured there.

Chatty is a brunette piggy, she has the pigtail part and her hair is rooted around the perimiter.   She has glassine eyes and a soft face.  She has all her sable eyelashes.  And her eyes open and close.  I have her repaired her #5 torso and she once again talks saying her 18 phrases loud and clear.  Her seams are excellent with little to no evidence of being opened for repair.

Her facial paint is vibrant.   I have freshened a few freckled and subtly added a little blush to her cheeks.

Her limbs are uniform in color and she can hold a pose.

She has been thoroughly cleaned inside and out and will come to you looking and smelling clean  I have curled her hair into a riot of ringlets and left her hair down.  She does have the pigtail part, so her hair can be put back into pigtails if you wish.

She will come to you wearing a beautiful party style dress by Gloria’s Goodies.  She is wearing panties, white socks with lace and a little matching flower on them, and white shoes.  She is also wearing a headband with a bow made by Gloria.  She is all dressed up and ready to go to her new home!  She just can’t wait to start talking to you!

Chatty Cathy is a previously loved little doll.  She is not new or mint.  She is in excellent condition.  I will answer any questions you may have about her.