Singing Chatty, she sings and talks!


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Singing Chatty

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If you wish to purchase this doll and have problems with check out, you can either call me at 419 303 6370 or email me at   My website is experiencing some problems.   Thanks,  Shelley

Singing Chatty, a member of the Chatty Cathy family.

Singing Chatty is almost minty. Her hair is like new and her coloring is vibrant. It is obvious she wasn’t played with. She is wearing her original complete outfit

She has blonde hair and blue pinwheel eyes. I have cleaned her inside and out and restored her to sing and she also does some talking. Her seams are good.

There is a small amount of red on the tops of each arm, that I’m assuming came from wearing her red dress for over 50+ years.

There is a rip in the cellophane of her box.

Singing Chatty is a little doll that I have cleaned and restored to sing and talk. She is in excellent condition, almost minty. I will gladly answer any questions about her.