Tiny Chatty Baby in her hard to find gift box

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Tiny Chatty Baby!

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‘Tiny Chatty Baby is Chatty Cathy’s little sister. This little gal has it all, she is almost minty and comes in her hard to find gift box.

She is a blonde hard face with blue glassine eyes and has all her eyelashes. Her eyes do stick a little and usually need a nudge to open or close.

She has been cleaned inside and out, and will come to you looking and smelling clean.

Her limbs are uniform in color and she can hold a pose, but I would recommend a doll stand.

I have restored her to talk saying her cute little baby phrases. She talks loud and clear. Her seams are good.

Tiny Chatty Baby is a little doll that is in excellent condition that I have repaired. I will gladly answer any questions about her.